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The Zone

Good Evening, Today I want to talk about The Zone. No not that fad diet from a while back… I mean when you get into something or many things and you just often without explanation get into another gear. I had a day like that today. I accomplished so much today and I feel like …

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Good Evening, I hope everyone is enjoying the last fragments of their weekend. Today’s dispatch is going to be a hybrid “theory” lesson and a tactic that hopefully some of you can use. Its important I think to get as much as you can out of everything you can. So for example, on Legiit we …

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Getting Paid

Good Evening, “If you’re good at something never do it for free” – The Joker I give away a lot of stuff. Information, time, work and many other things. This is partly just my nature but also partly due to my larger philosophy on the way the world should be (but that is a conversation …

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Good Evening, There is a psychological trick in marketing where, if you have 2 pricing options you will sell more of the lower priced one. However if you add an intermediate option that is more than the lowest cost but less than the highest cost… that suddenly the highest cost option one will start selling …

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No Excuses

Good… Evening? Nearly 1am counts as evening I guess? Apologies that this is so late. I have had a hectic couple of days with moving and some other things that have come up. But I wanted to make sure I got this out to you today. because that’s the commitment I have made to you​​​​​​​​. …

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Burn Out

Good Evening, Sorry I didn’t send a dispatch yesterday. I was up at 2am 3 days in a row it finally caught up to me and I was in bed by like 5pm. That lead me to today where I was still mentally fatigued and knew I wouldn’t do great work… …so I just layed …

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Good Evening, Lifestyle sells well in internet marketing. Its how Tai Lopez has made 10s of millions of dollars selling his programs. (As an aside it often distracts from the content because he actually has some great insights) Fancy houses, cars, pretty girls/guys etc… its all so cheesy but it works. I don’t do much …

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I’m A Nerd

Good Evening! I’m a nerd. It’s true. Even at thirty eleven years old I still enjoy Star Trek, Star Wars, comic books, and the properties based on them. My favorite comic book story ever is called Crisis On Infinite Earths (it has been a poster on my wall and even a previous Facebook cover photo) …

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Good Evening! I love making content. I am not what you would call a “creative” but I love writing blog posts, making YouTube videos, Facebook/Twitter posts, emails and so on. There are days when I am pumped to create something… …but I just can’t think of anything, or can’t flesh it out, or have whatever …

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Good Evening, How much time do you spend testing new techniques and strategies? I have an SEO background, as do many of you. SEOs love to test different techniques and strategies, often to their detriment, and I have been very critical of this in the past… and I stand by it to an extent… testing …

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Dog Food

Dog Food

Good Morning! There is an old marketing joke about a dog food company that goes like this. There was a dog food company that was having trouble, so the CEO hired: A top animal nutritionist A brilliant packaging guru A superb marketing team However it didn’t work. When nothing moved the needle the CEO hired …

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Good Evening, How many times have you, or someone you know said you don’t have time to exercise/read/learn/whatever else? Probably a lot. While broadly speaking I think that you have time for everything that is important enough for you (we all have the same 24 hours in the day after all) there are some ways …

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Bouncing Back

Bouncing Back

Good Evening, I hope everyone had a great holiday. I am known for being fairly curmudgeonly about holidays… its a reputation that is well earned. But I do look forward to Christmas day, and spending the day with my family; giving gifts, catching up, having some fun and… taking full advantage of my mother’s cooking. …

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Good Afternoon! Today I want to talk about the importance of proper sleep, which is something I struggled with all my life, until this year. Before we dive into how I have gone about improving it there are some things we need to cover. First is… everyone is different. What worked for me, may not …

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December 🎅

December 🎅

Good Evening, Every business is, to one degree or another, seasonal. That means they have a peak season and a down season. Retail for example has its busiest season from Thanksgiving (last Thursday in November) through the day after Christmas. Tourism, at least when you live in a beach town like I do has its …

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Kiss Me


Good Evening! No I don’t mean THAT kind of kiss. Sorry to disappoint you!  KISS is an acronym that means Keep It Simple Stupid This is on my mind today because, in another popular online marketing community, they have been offering a wide variety of different programs, at different price points, with different requirements, some …

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Good Afternoon! “Practice is doing enough repetitions of something that you become mentally and physically exhausted.” My karate teacher said something to that effect this morning and it occurred to me that the same is true in business. If you don’t offer the best product or service you are eventually going to fail. The only …

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Business IS Fun

Business IS Fun

Good Evening! In the first edition of Profiit Academy Daily I talked about how business wasn’t fun. You can check it out in the Profiit Academy daily Facebook group if you don’t remember or weren’t here yet. The gist is that a lot of times business is taxes, admin, accounting, dealing with clients employees etc… …

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Thank You

Thank You

Good Evening Profiit Academy, I barely got today’ dispatch to you in time. I spent the day with my family for the holiday and have been working on getting everything ready for a HUGE weekend on Legiit this weekend! Since today was Thanksgiving it gives me an easy lay up for what to talk about!  …

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Task Stacking

Good evening! In case your are interested in what that looks like for me this is my run down for today: 2am Meet with developers about some issues and features on Legiit 2:30 Go back to sleep for a bit 5am Shower/Shave/Get Dressed etc… 6am respond to any support tickets that came in overnight that …

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New Car!

Good Afternoon! Happy Sunday everyone. I want to buy a new car! Well not really. I am not a car guy, and I actually happen to like my little Toyota 86 quite a bit. But if I did want to buy a new car, or anything else with a hefty price tag, I would find …

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Good Morning! So today I want to talk about what may be the single most important thing you can know in your business. What I like to call “your endgame” (no not that endgame) Different people call it different things. Russell Brunson calls it “Your one thing” Sam Ovens calls it “your northstar” but whatever …

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Good Afternoon! First… check out the intro jingle I had made for the Profiit Academy podcast/livestream! I’m very happy with it. So today is Saturday and I thought this would be a good time to talk about balance. “Work life balance” is something of a cliche that people like to throw around… usually to justify …

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