I had a great year and it nearly put me out of business

Good Evening,

I apologize for the somewhat clickbaity subject line, its a dramatization, but the essence is correct. Tonight I want to talk about being complacent. My business really started to take off in early to mid 2017. I had a decent client roster, I was selling my first courses, I was doing well on a marketplace that shall not be named, and had a variety of other income streams and was making WAY more than I ever had before in my life. Things kept growing and scaling all the way through 2018 and my income really took off. But then I made a mistake.

I started to try new things, and scaled too fast. I took on more expenses, cut off income streams that I “didn’t need” and a few other decisions that, in retrospect were poor choices. Around this time other revenue streams that I had come to count on slowed dramatically as well. This all added up to the first time I had to be careful with my money in a long time. There were and are many lessons to be learned from this… but the big one was that I didn’t keep trying to give myself a raise every day and it ended up costing me. So the lesson I learned from this was to always be finding ways to scale and grow my income, even during the good times. That doesn’t mean you should totally sell out, or take on work that’s not good for you… but you shouldn’t get complacent either, because you never know when things will change.

Keep building. Keep investing. Keep growing. Keep making Profiit.