Month: November 2019

Business IS Fun

Business IS Fun

Good Evening! In the first edition of Profiit Academy Daily I talked about how business wasn’t fun. You can check it out in the Profiit Academy daily Facebook group if you don’t remember or weren’t here yet. The gist is that a lot of times business is taxes, admin, accounting, dealing with clients employees etc… …

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Thank You

Thank You

Good Evening Profiit Academy, I barely got today’ dispatch to you in time. I spent the day with my family for the holiday and have been working on getting everything ready for a HUGE weekend on Legiit this weekend! Since today was Thanksgiving it gives me an easy lay up for what to talk about!  …

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Task Stacking

Good evening! In case your are interested in what that looks like for me this is my run down for today: 2am Meet with developers about some issues and features on Legiit 2:30 Go back to sleep for a bit 5am Shower/Shave/Get Dressed etc… 6am respond to any support tickets that came in overnight that …

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New Car!

Good Afternoon! Happy Sunday everyone. I want to buy a new car! Well not really. I am not a car guy, and I actually happen to like my little Toyota 86 quite a bit. But if I did want to buy a new car, or anything else with a hefty price tag, I would find …

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Good Morning! So today I want to talk about what may be the single most important thing you can know in your business. What I like to call “your endgame” (no not that endgame) Different people call it different things. Russell Brunson calls it “Your one thing” Sam Ovens calls it “your northstar” but whatever …

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Good Afternoon! First… check out the intro jingle I had made for the Profiit Academy podcast/livestream! I’m very happy with it. So today is Saturday and I thought this would be a good time to talk about balance. “Work life balance” is something of a cliche that people like to throw around… usually to justify …

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