Month: January 2020

Burn Out

Good Evening, Sorry I didn’t send a dispatch yesterday. I was up at 2am 3 days in a row it finally caught up to me and I was in bed by like 5pm. That lead me to today where I was still mentally fatigued and knew I wouldn’t do great work… …so I just layed …

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Good Evening, Lifestyle sells well in internet marketing. Its how Tai Lopez has made 10s of millions of dollars selling his programs. (As an aside it often distracts from the content because he actually has some great insights) Fancy houses, cars, pretty girls/guys etc… its all so cheesy but it works. I don’t do much …

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I’m A Nerd

Good Evening! I’m a nerd. It’s true. Even at thirty eleven years old I still enjoy Star Trek, Star Wars, comic books, and the properties based on them. My favorite comic book story ever is called Crisis On Infinite Earths (it has been a poster on my wall and even a previous Facebook cover photo) …

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Profiit Academy Podcast With Steven Black FBA Expert And Content Marketer

Steven Black Amazon FBA Expert and Content Marketer On the Profiit Academy Podcast The Profiit Academy Podcast returns for 2020! This week our special guest is Steven Black! Steven has a wide variety of experience in internet marketing including: Steven has owned a number of businesses and specializes in content marketing. Steven uses psychology based …

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Good Evening! I love making content. I am not what you would call a “creative” but I love writing blog posts, making YouTube videos, Facebook/Twitter posts, emails and so on. There are days when I am pumped to create something… …but I just can’t think of anything, or can’t flesh it out, or have whatever …

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Good Evening, How much time do you spend testing new techniques and strategies? I have an SEO background, as do many of you. SEOs love to test different techniques and strategies, often to their detriment, and I have been very critical of this in the past… and I stand by it to an extent… testing …

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