Don’t be ashamed…

Don't be ashamed

Good Evening!

There seems to be a perception a lot of people hold that “sales” is a bad thing.

I even see people, whose entire livelihood revolves around selling things… products, services etc… be afraid or unwilling to sell in certain situations.

Sometimes it is because they feel like they will be bothering someone, other times it is because they don’t have confidence in their ability to makes sales… but whatever the reason they won’t get out there and sell, or at least not like they need to.

Don’t be this person.

If you feel that I described you a little bit there, then lets change the paradigm.

You have a product or service, and it is amazing.

Everyone that it applies to that hasn’t gotten it yet is worse off for not having it.
You have a moral obligation to get your product or service to them. The world won’t be as good until you do.

The way you get that to them is sales.

Don’t be ashamed by sales, be motivated by it!

Get out there and get your product or the service to the people that need it.

Don’t let anyone tell you that there is anything wrong with sales, you are on a mission, and sales are how you complete the mission.

Go out there and sell something!

Don’t let people like this guy convince you that there is anything wrong with making sales.

Don't be ashamed...

Do you sell as hard as you should? Could you do better?

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Talk to you tomorrow.