Month: October 2020


Good Evening, Some days you can just tell from the jump that its going to be one of “those” days. Today I woke up around 3:30am and checked my phone/messages. I saw that there was a problem. We use Microsoft Office 365 for our company email at Legiit. So when you email it forwards …

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I cheated 😢

Good Evening, I have a confession to make… …I cheated on a test. Granted it was in 1999 in my college keyboarding class… but I cheated, and I got an A. Guess what though… I still don’t know how to type properly. That’s because you can’t be successful long term with shortcuts. Let’s continue the …

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Good Evening, What do people remember about your business? We had our monthly team meeting at Legiit today. I love the team and look forward to these meetings. Today one of the topics I emphasized is something I think we do very well, but want to maintain a level of excellence on… …customer service. I …

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