I am creatively bankrupt

Good Evening,

I haven’t been writing dispatches as much lately. Partly because the things I have been working on just don’t lend themselves to the format (meaning they are boring). I’ve also been giving a bit more time to my personal life than normal because that balance had been a bit out of whack. But its also because I’ve been a bit blocked creatively. This happens to everyone that does anything creative on occasion and there is no one right or wrong way to deal with it. What has worked for me in the past is what I am going to do here… just brain dump and power through it. Business has been growing and going very well in most channels;

Legiit is having record month after record month (October is the 6th straight one… every month in our history has been better than the previous with the exception of the 2 Decembers, and April of this year when the pandemic started). The great thing about that is that is every transaction on Legiit helps 2 people (at least) which is a big part of our mission. We have been in the process of changing the direction of the site and marketing. On the freelancer side we are focusing on freelancers that want to make a full time living from it and turn it into a full business model sort of the way I did. That was my intention with Legiit from the beginning but somewhere along the line we lost site of that and started trying to appeal to the same people that sell low $ services on other marketplaces. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is welcome and will continue to be, but the ones that will get our full support will be people that want to make more than $5 at a time. On the customer side we are changing gears a bit too. There again everyone is of course welcome; but our focus will be on creating tools and features that allow agencies to outsource everything with us, or business to get their entire marketing (or whatever else) filled with a single click. Lots of great features lined up that will not only make that easier for them but will allow us to bring a whole new level and volume of customers we can help.

On the marketing side there is a strategy in place to make all this happen but I can’t give it away because it sorta unique, sorry about that. One day I will. I am also going to be doing a lot more video to help drive business (including continuing the case study)… its just so powerful and even when I don’t use it to promote something directly there is a clear and undeniable correlation between that and increases in business. It also gives me an excuse to buy some tax write off video equipment before the end of the year haha. Overall though, I do less and less day-today stuff and just make a handful of decisions throughout the week, I am told that’s how it should be, but its been an adjustment for sure. Well would you look at that, I managed to get through a full dispatch even though I felt like I “didn’t feel like it. Hopefully you got something out of this exercise, or at least enjoyed the sneak preview.

Talk soon,