Good Evening,

What do people remember about your business? We had our monthly team meeting at Legiit today. I love the team and look forward to these meetings. Today one of the topics I emphasized is something I think we do very well, but want to maintain a level of excellence on…

…customer service.

I don’t like mistakes. I guess no one does, and I know they are going to happen… but mistakes, particularly small ones drive me bonkers. Can you relate? Picture this.

You are at your office and lunch time rolls around. You only get 30 minutes because this is corporate America. You hit up the drive through next door and get a Big Mac meal. You do this a few times a week because it is convenient, and inexpensive. Every time its like clockwork. You order your #1, pull up to the window get your Dr. Pepper, Big Mac, and french fries. You don’t even think about. Months go by and this becomes a big part of your routine. You even become friendly with the staff. Then one random day after several months you get your order, head back to the office and sit down in the break room. You reach down into the bag, pull out the Big Mac, and stick the straw in the Dr. Pepper. Then you reach back in the bag to pull out your fries. You feel your hand hit the bottom of the bag. Nothing in there except your napkins, and some ketchup packets that you are supposed to use for… what? They forgot to give you your fries! You look at your watch and see you only have 10 minutes of break left… not enough time to get back and complain, and even if there were your Big Mac would be soggy by then. You’re pissed! They screwed up your order. You vow to never go there again.

Sure they got your order right 99 times without issue, but this time they…

…made a mistake.

That’s what you remember.

The one time they made a mistake, not the 99 times they got it right. That’s why it is crucial in your business to strive for perfection. That’s why I emphasize this with my team at Legiit so much. No matter how great you do, and how often you do it, people will only remember the one time you didn’t.

(For another example of this Google “Bill Buckner”)

So strive for 100% perfection. You never know when 1 mistake will cost you a customer for life.

Talk Soon,