What Clash Of Clans Can Teach You About SEO

Good Morning,

One of the few forms of leisure I get comes in the form of an iPhone game called Clash Of Clans. I’ve been playing it on and off for years and have gotten VERY good at it.

In fact when I attack with my 8 Electro Dragons, 8 Balloons, and 4 heroes I get:

  • A 2 star 91% of the time
  • A 1 star, 8% of the time
  • And only fail to get a star 1% of the time and that’s usually when I am being careless.

(Ladies, please form an orderly queue 🤣 )

I figured out what works and I am doing it over and over again because the same thing ALWAYS works. If only it were that simple with SEO right? Sure there are patterns you can follow, and you can get better with time… but there is no single set of variables that will work 100% of the time. At first you might think that sucks… but if you are in the SEO business… its actually kinda great for you. If there were a blueprint of “Do this every time, get this result every time” no one would need you.

This is where the skill comes in. You can get a process that works 75% of the time. Any old SEO can do that. The other 25% is why you can make a full time living selling SEO… because you have learned the skills needed to get results the rest of the time. That’s why businesses need you. That’s why you must keep honing your craft, and getting better at it… or at the very least be able to identify talent that can. If you aren’t at that skill level that’s ok. You can still get results 75% of the time. You shouldn’t let that stop you from helping out businesses that need you. You should be spending the rest of your time learning, practicing and getting better

In time you will get to where you can deliver the other 25%. If you have any questions please feel free to ask by:

Talk Soon.