The Magic Time Travel Spell

The Magic Time Spell That Added 2 Weeks To The Year

Time is the single most precious resource we all have. Fortunately I just cast a spell to add 2 more weeks to my year…

…and the best part is I am going to leave my spell book open so you can copy and cast the same spell. Ready to learn the time spell?

Everyone would rather be doing something else. What is the most common answer you think I get when I ask someone why they aren’t doing what they’d rather be doing?

Right. “I don’t have enough time”.

So the options seem to be either continue to sacrifice what you want to be doing, or stop doing something else. But there is actually a 3rd option… cast a time spell.

At Legiit we cast a time spell this week that gave us an extra 91.25 hours of time over the next year. Every day there are 2 reports that we run. It takes us a total of 15 minutes a day to complete them. 10 at the beginning of the day and 5 at the end. No big deal right?

Multiply that over the course of a year.

15 * 365 = 5,475 minutes

Well this week we implemented an automation that runs those reports for us.

So all we have to do is glance at them if we have reason to. That 1 automation just saved us 5,475 minutes… or 91.25 hours. Assuming a 45 hour work week… that is more than 2 weeks of productivity we added over the course of the next year. There you have it, the magic time spell. Now I want everyone to cast a magic time spell of their own.

I guarantee you that if you look around your life, there is something that costs you 5, 10, 15, or even 30 minutes a day.

that you could remove, or automate.

Start there. Find one thing. Cast a time spell on it. Then find another. Keep stacking them, and casting more time spells until you no longer have the hex of “I don’t have enough time”.

Talk To You,