Don’t Stop

Good Evening,

My office is about a 9 minute drive from my home. There is a church on the way.

(Well there are like 10 of them, it is SC after all)

One of them has some sort of event every day as there are always a bunch of cars there. A couple blocks from that is a waffle restaurant that is very popular. The people from the Church gathering seem to visit it afterwards. Every day I see and older gentleman, around 80 if I had to guess walking to the Church. Or sometimes from the Church to the waffle restaurant (depending on the time of day).

He doesn’t seem to move very well. At first this kinda made me sad for him…

…but actually he is kinda my hero. He could think “I am old, and don’t move very well, I am going to stay home and run out the clock.”

But he doesn’t.

I like to think he is like “Fuck it. I’m old but I’m still going to get out there, get some exercise, and make some friends. I’m going to ride this thing until the wheels fall off!”

This guy at 80 isn’t letting anything stop him from getting exercise, or having a social life.

I’m not doing much of either of those things now at thirty twelve. Many of us would be well served to be more like this guy.

I know I would.

Talk Soon,