I’ve been lying to you and its time I came clean

Good Evening ,

I need to get this off my chest.

I’ve been lying to you. You see I’ve been giving other people in the business a bit of a hard time lately for various things…

…meanwhile I’ve been lying to you also.

Ok I will stop with the dramatic storytelling/copy writing now. I just like to practice. As I said though I’ve been giving other people in the business a bit of a hard time lately for various things…

…so I figured I’d expose some of my own bullshit too. Take my sexy new cover photo for example.

(Credit To The Talented Freelancer DesignIt)

Let’s cover how fake this is:

  • I NEVER wear a long sleeve shirt to work (or anywhere except funerals and weddings)
  • I also never wear long pants, even in the winter
  • The phone pictured was in another room in my office building, I don’t even have a landline and haven’t in probably 15 years. I also don’t talk on the phone pretty much ever, work or personal
  • The laptop in the background isn’t on. If you could see the full picture it was taken at a coffee shop I would never go to… partly because I don’t drink coffee
  • In the far left picture I appear to be looking at something important that I am about to tackle while rolling up my sleeves… I put that shirt on for that picture, in a photo studio.
  • So as you can see I am not above being full of shit.
  • Reality is more like this:
  • Legiit T-Shirt + Adidas Basketball shorts (the shoes are Legiit tho )
  • Get out of bed, look at yesterdays numbers, then go to office.
  • Spend all day talking with team/customers on how to make Legiit + Superstar better for our customers then execute the decisions we make
  • Handle other business issues (books, taxes, staff needs… whatever)
  • Promote something
  • Post whatever content I have for that day
  • Go home, cook dinner, look at numbers again, go to bed
  • See but that’s not sexy. That doesn’t make for good Instagram and social media content.

So while I do feel like I am more open and transparent than a lot of people that do what I do… I am not above it all, even if I sometimes like to convince myself that I am.

So my point is this… question everything and everyone, and figure out who you can trust… and assume that everyone is full of shit to some degree… but also don’t let the messenger take away from the message.

Talk To You Tomorrow,