Admit Your Mistakes

Good Evening,

I showed you a video of how I created an automation to re-engage with contacts that hadn’t been opening my emails.

> Here It Is In Case You Missed It <

In the second email in that automation I showed that I was giving away a free course…

…turns out I didn’t proof read enough and send the link to the paid version of the course.

That went out to 19,000 people.

Thankfully someone reported it moments after getting the message and I was able to fix it as the automation was running. But it was still embarrassing and probably made me look like another asshole, lying marketer to the handful of people that saw it. I could have spun it, or ignored it, or whatever… but I didn’t. I waited for the automation to stop running, then sent everyone an email admitting the mistake and sending the correct link.

Unfortunately that is an email marketing trick that a lot of marketers use so a lot of people probably assumed I was doing that. I figure some people unsubscribed because of it, but hopefully some will appreciate the honesty.

Personally I think its always wise to admit your mistakes in business (unless advised not to by legal council). People appreciate it when other people are human and they show it (which is why the aforementioned “I screwed up” email trick works unfortunately). Who know what the net gain or loss here will be… but I think fessing up to it and was the right thing to do because it will likely lead to the best outcome… but it is also the right thing to do because it is the right thing to do. We need more of that in the world.

Have you ever had a world class screw up like that?

How’d you handle it? I’d love to hear.