Elon Musk And The Uncle Louie Rule

Good Evening… Profiiteers? Still workshopping a name for our community.

My Kung Fu teacher (RIP) coined a term I have been using for years.

The Uncle Louie Example.

Lately its been on my mind a lot. You see for a while I have spread myself too thin with my various business endeavors.

I have:

  • Legiit
  • My SEO services business
  • My consulting clients
  • My coaching program
  • Superstar SEO Academy
  • My SEO clients
  • Audiit
  • Contentpress…
  • …and a bunch more.

Elon Musk And The Uncle Louie Rule

While most of those other than Legiit fall under the Superstar SEO banner… that is far too many businesses to run at top efficiency. To put out the best product possible which is what my customers deserve, I have either cut them or scaled them back. If you want to do things well you can’t operate any of them at 20% focus… or even like 70% focus it doesn’t work.

That brings us back to my Kung Fu teacher, the Uncle Louie Rule and Elon Musk.

My teacher would often talk to us about health and taking care of ourselves. He stressed diet and nutrition to live a long, full life. He said that in every class of students there would be someone who brought up his Uncle Louie.

Their Uncle that lived to be 102 even though he:

  • drank like a fish
  • smoked like a fiend
  • had 4 calzones a day…
  • …and never exercised anything but his remote control hand.

The point being that nothing is 100%. No matter how good the principle there will always be statistical anomalies… or Uncle Louies. When it comes to business, and splitting your efforts, Elon Musk is the Uncle Louie. When I tell people that if you try to be great at everything you won’t be great at anything they bring up Elon Musk running Tesla, Space X, Solar City, Hyperloop and so on…

He is the Uncle Louie. Or the statistical anomaly. The problem is people see Elon Musk and think it is ok to run many businesses at once and do them well. Then they end up failing or underachieving. Its unlikely you are the next Elon Musk, and you definitely do not want to be my Uncle Louie. Figure out what you want to do, put everything you have into it, and make it the best, its what your customers deserve. One final thought before we wrap this up… I am not saying you shouldn’t have more than one income stream. You should. I am saying that you can’t have more than one or two businesses and do them to the level your customers deserve.

Ok now I am going to go work on Legiit then have a healthy dinner.

I am neither Elon Musk, nor Uncle Louie, and you all deserve my best.