Is this weird?

Good Afternoon,

When I am driving, if I see someone walking on the sidewalk or whatever I like to honk, wave, and smile, just to be kind. I have been told that this is weird. I don’t think it is… and even if it is. it shouldn’t be.

Kindness should be the norm, not the exception.

The way I see it is… its not going to make anyone’s life any worse. And you never know when a random act of kindness may keep someone from going home and doing something that they can’t take back. So why not take an extra moment and potentially brighten someone’s day just a little? This applies to business too.

If you saw my video on YouTube yesterday I showed how I made a birthday ad campaign for Legiit customers and visitors. It has no call to action, and doesn’t ask anything of them. It just says happy birthday, says thank you, and wishes them well. It ended up getting a shout out from a Tik Tok influencer that has a large following. Totally unintentional side effect, but one that has been beneficial…

…but more importantly its gotten feedback both publicly and privately from people telling me how much they appreciated it, and how it stuck out because…

…kindness is not normal.

Let’s make kindness normal again(?) in our businesses and personal lives.

I think we will all be better off for it.