Building An Audience: Getting Started

Building An Audience Getting Started

Good Afternoon,

Today we are going to start talking in more specifics about building an audience and leveraging it for income that is somewhat passive. This will probably take a few parts, and I think it will be worth doing our monthly webinar/livestream on as well.

So today I will start from the top so as not to assume anyone knows anything in particular, so if this is basic to you I do apologize but hope you will get some value out of it. I am also probably going to put together an entire course on this topic at some point, so you guys will of course get heads up on that and will be ahead of the curve here.

To start with you have to have a few things:

  • A niche. For most of the people reading this that will be the make money online niche to some degree or another but this in no way has to be in the MMO space… it can be anything from dog training, to gardening, to wood working etc… it can also be for local business and not just digital real estate. I do suggest it be something you are interested in though.
  • Traffic sources. You will need a few ways, at least 2, to get people into your bubble (more on the bubble in a bit) and one of them has to be email. The rest can be Facebook, YouTube, Bots, Instagram, in person etc… whatever best suits your talents, offer, and skills.
  • A way to collect information and reach people again. Again one of these HAS to be email. For the other I suggest a Facebook group, but there are plenty of other options. You will likely need tools for this. While you are getting started for email I suggest Mailchimp, it is free up to I think 1k contacts and has a lot of features. For any other tools it will depend on you.
  • Something to promote. This can be your own offers (products, services, courses etc…) or something offered by an affiliate. None of the rest of this matters if you don’t have something to sell.

Building An Audience Getting Started
Once you have a niche, traffic sources, a way to collect the traffic, and something to sell them you can begin growing your bubble. Your bubble (and I will try to make a diagram of this for you in the future) is everyone that is exposed to and involved with your brand. Your initial goal is to start growing this bubble by exposing you and your business to as many relevant people as possible.

Assuming you are working at creating an online business and aren’t work in the local space this can be accomplished by hanging out in Facebook groups, forums, LinkedIn communities and so on… start by slowly answering questions and participating in the discussion and just being knowledgeable and helpful. Don’t go for the sale (or even the opt in) right away. Provide some value first.

I should not that if you are in something other than MMO you can be a bit more aggressive at this stage as other niches aren’t nearly as used to this sort of thing. Once you build up a bit of a reputation and some authority you can start driving people to wherever you are going to collect their info (a squeeze page, a blog etc…). While doing this you need to be putting out as much free content as possible to build your authority and your content library. This can be blog posts, YouTube videos, social media content etc… in all honesty it should be all of them. I think that is a good place to stop for now.

Are you going to try and do this? Can you commit to picking a niche and traffic sources this week?

Let me know in the Profiit Academy Daily Facebook group.

Talk to you tomorrow.