You’re not the best at anything

You're not the best at anything

Good Morning,

I hope everyone had a great week and is planning an either productive, or relaxing weekend. I am pretty excited today! Later this afternoon I have the first call in a new mastermind I joined! Its with someone that has accomplished things in a similar business model to mine, but at a much larger scale… so I have high hopes it will allow me to level up. When I look back at my life, every time I have leveled up it has been because I took a chance and invested in learning from someone that knew more than I did. This includes college, courses, mentorships and masterminds. See here’s the thing, no matter what field you are in, there is always someone else that has had more, or different success, and thus there are lessons to be learned form them.

Sam Walton, Founder of Wal-Mart for example was obsessive about learning from other retailers. He would go around to them across the country, go into stores, document everything they did that worked… literally crawling around on the floor counting the distance between the displays and other seemingly minuet details…

…and what did that learning experience do for him?

You're not the best at anything

Well if you combine the net worth of all his children (he split it up among them) he would be the richest person in history. Partly because he was willing to learn from, and improve upon what people that knew more than him did. That said there are some things to consider when trying to learn from someone that is where you want to be.

In my opinion this is what to look for:

  • Someone in the same or similar field
  • Someone that has achieved a level of success, however you define that, that you have not
  • Someone that is not SO FAR beyond your level of success that they can’t think the way you do (For example if you have a $200 a month Shopify store, someone doing 5k a month would be a good fit… Jeff Bezos would not)
  • Someone that you feel will have a personality that is compatible with yours
  • Someone who is reliable, and is able to present information to you in a way that will work for you.
  • Someone that is going to charge you enough that it is a risk for you… otherwise you won’t take it seriously.

That’s what I look for in a mastermind or mentorship role and it is what has worked for me.

(BTW at some point I plan to have my own mastermind for 15-50 people that want to scale their business, if there is interest in that let me know)

I truly believe that education is the silver bullet, that education is everything and solves all problems and learning from people that know how it is done is the best investment you can ever make in yourself or your business. Look at your business, then look at the leaders in your industry and see who you connect with and would like to emulate or learn from then invest in time with them if they offer it, you have nowhere to go but up! While I can’t give out the details, I will keep you guys updated on how the one I joined progresses if you are interested!