Hiring Is Hard

Good Evening,

Hope your hump day was a good one! Hiring is hard. We are adding a decent amount of staff at Legiit the last few weeks…

…well let me put that another way, we have been trying to. Its been actually very tough to find people thus far. While I filter people loosely by the skills I need, I am as much looking for a personality and a cultural fit as much as anything else.

Maybe I am just expecting too much, I don’t really know but some things I have been finding common are:

  • An attitude like they are in the position of power. Unreal how many of them start badgering me with questions as if they were interviewing me for a position and not the other way around.
  • Attention to detail. I do the control question thing where you ask some absurd question like “What’s your favorite pizza topping, reply with pineapple” many of them didn’t do that. Another one I was considering for our email marketing team asked me what “program” we use for email. I told him that was in the description. He came back a moment later and told me he didn’t see any “email program” listed.

Clearly he was just skimming. Not what you want from an email marketer.

  • Absolutely generic profiles that just list a bunch of bullets but don’t tell you anything about them… clearly the product of the “Everyone can be a digital marketer even if you don’t know how to digital marketing” craze that people like Billy Gene keep pushing.
  • Not responding to messages in a timely manner, despite being online. Communication and desire are key, and this is a MASSIVE pet peeve of mine so its never going to work out if they do it before I am paying them.

We will find the people we want, but its a challenge, and of course where there is challenge, there is opportunity. The opportunity here as I see it is to learn from their mistakes. No matter what type of business we run, potential customers are always evaluating us the way I am evaluating the folks I am looking to hire.

Ho do you come off?

  • Qualified?
  • Professional?
  • Approachable

Or do you seem:

  • Arrogant?
  • Generic?
  • Unable to do what you say?
  • Dishonest?

(I love a bulleted list in case you can’t tell)

So I think it is worth taking a look around at where your customers find you, and think about how your appearance and behavior might influence what they think, and decide…

…it could be the difference between a yes and a no.

And it only takes one yes to change your life.

If you want help with this let’s talk about it in the Profiit Academy Daily Facebook Group