My 4 Part Secret Marketing Hack To Sell Anything To Anyone

Good Evening,

Here is my secret 4 step hack to market any product or service successfully… the big names are going to HATE me for revealing this.

  • Have a good product or service
  • Know who the audience for that product or service is.
  • Have a way to send that audience to that product or service (a traffic source)
  • Have a sales system to sell that audience that product or service.

There you have it… the secret formula the gurus don’t want you to know. I am being somewhat facetious… but only somewhat.

You see there is a big market for “Ninja secret hacks that” yada yada yada… there is a reason that all of Russell Brunson’s books have been called X Secrets. You see it is because of a poor mindset that a lot of people get into business with. They think there is some secret tactic, strategy, or ninja tool that successful people have that they don’t. Its also a little bit of laziness or what I like to call effort shock. People think they can learn some short cut that will let them skip the fundamentals listed above and get right to the success.  People that sell information (and other things) take advantage of this by naming stuff “Top dotcom secret ninja expert guru hacks 2020” or whatever when, at best, all they are going to teach are variations on the 4 points above.

Full transparency, I have 1 information product that I actively sell.

I could sell a LOT more of it if I changed the marketing strategy to make it seem like I have some top secret Konami 10 lives code. But that’s not what we teach, and that’s not how I sell it, because that’s not how long term success is made… and that is who I want to work with, people that are in it to win it, not people that are looking for a short cut hack. So if you are not having the success, or making the Profiit you want in your business STOP looking for hacks and start looking at the 4 things above and figure out where you need to improve.