Good Evening,

Yesterday was Independence Day in the United States, which happens to be my favorite holiday (and the only one I like if I am being honest). Independence, on every level, personal, professional, political, and spiritual is probably the most important virtue we have. This is probably, more than any one thing, driven me to own my own businesses and be my own boss.

You see when you work for someone else you have someone telling you:

  • What time to start
  • What time to stop
  • What time and how long you can eat
  • When to go to the bathroom
  • When or if you can take a vacation
  • What to work on
  • How much work you have to do
  • How much you make
  • How much MORE you are ALLOWED to make
  • What kind of clothing to wear
  • When to retire…

…and on and on.

No thank you. This is why we put in the time, learn the skills, handle the challenges, and do the things that other people aren’t willing to do… so we can have the independence to not have someone dictate to us. So that’s why I like independence day… it reminds me that above all else we have the opportunity to be independent, to live our lives on our own terms. Take a look at the list above and see how many of those choices you make for yourself. If there are too many of them where you don’t, we have some work to do.