Yes or No?

Yes or No?

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In business you get a lot of opportunities. You also get asked to customize things that you do a lot. Knowing when to say yes and when to say no can be critical to success.

I see two versions of this play out.

Scenario #1

Someone presents you with an offer that has a big initial $$$ figure attached to it and your instinct is to say yes because all you are seeing is the big pay day. Then you take on the job, or client without doing proper due diligence and it turns into a big expensive, time sucking mess that you end up losing money on once your time is factored in.

Scenario #2

Someone has a unique request about a product or service you offer, its a pain and is outside your usual scope of work so you say no without thinking through how you could have made some minor changes and gotten it done, and made a new ally who loves you for working with them.

Yes or No?

Getting these decisions right or wrong is absolutely critical to success. Of course there is no “do this every time to make the decision” formula. And every business an opportunity is different. You just have to have a set of core values for yourself and your business, then consider the opportunity, if pursuing it fits within those values, do your due diligence to make sure it won’t hijack you from the focus of your business, then make a decision. It also helps to have a big network so you can send people that aren’t a fit for you to someone you trust that might be a better match.

So the moral is this… choosing which opportunities to take, and which ones to pass on can be very pivotal to your success (Profiit) or failure so make sure you know who you are and try to make the best decision for everyone involved. You will get it wrong sometimes but in the end you will come out ahead.