Do what works

Do what works

Good Evening!

A weird phenomenon I have noticed in business, and other areas that really puzzles me is how someone will find something that works, have success with it… then just stop doing it. Someone will be losing weight by eating properly and exercising… and they will stop one or both. They will be have a sales or lead gen system in their business that works… and they will just stop doing it, or try to do something different. Its madness to me (though I do it to).

I think it comes down to a couple of things:

Do what works

Discipline is something that most people struggle with, and I have found that if you stop it even briefly the whole process breaks down. The enemy in both these cases is boredom/lack of reward. When you do something repeatedly you become accustomed to it and it is no longer rewarding, you get bored, and you stop doing it. There are some physiological reasons for this but I am not going to pretend to be a dopamine expert like some other people in the IM space. Truth is, if you take a good long look around your business you can almost certainly find a process, or activity you were doing that was working, that you just stopped doing and can’t explain why.

For me it is a couple of advertising strategies that I know work every time I do them that I have just… not been doing.

What is it for you? What have you done in your business that worked that you just… stopped? Let’s commit together to start them up again and stick to them so we can bring whatever it is we offer to the world.