Good Evening,

I took a few days off last week, I do apologize for that. See I have been burning it at both ends lately. Often up at 2am and still working at 10pm.

That’s not a #HustleBrag (I just coined that… can we make it a thing?) its just a consequence of the 6 different timezone I have to interact with on a daily basis… its always business hours somewhere. So on Wednesday evening, without getting too personal, I got a sign from my body that enough was enough and that I needed to slow it down for a tick. So I spent the better part of the days Thursday-Sunday in bed eating delivery and watching Netflix/Hulu (“Love” on Netflix and “How I Met Your Mother on Hulu in case you wondering),

I rarely checked in on the business. That’s a luxury I have worked hard to have by building a great team that knows and is good at what they do, great partners who can pick up any slack I may leave, and systems to make it all work. This is something a lot of young businesses struggle with, particularly One Man Gang style businesses like many that are reading this.


But its critical for a number of reasons.

  1. Having to work yourself to the point of exhaustion defeats one of the major purposes of being a business owner in the first place. If you can’t step away you have just traded one type of boss for another
  2. It has a ceiling. You can only hustle, grind and Gary V yourself to a certain point. No matter how good you are, there just aren’t enough hours in the day and eventually you will max out.
  3. You aren’t good at everything. You might be a great SEO, and suck at sales. You might be able to sell a ketchup Popsicle to a woman wearing white gloves, but you don’t know an H1 from a backlink, you might… you get the point. Taking on too much yourself leads to you doing things you suck at, and again ends up with your dome hitting the glass ceiling.

Those are just a few of the many reasons you can’t be the one man show forever; you should be able to take a week or more away from your business without it falling apart. I am obviously not 100% there yet… but I am in the ballpark since I only had to answer a handful of messages in that time.

What about you? How long could you step away from your business without it collapsing? If it is less than a week you have some changes to make. Let’s talk about it in the Profiit Academy Daily Facebook Group.