What have you learned?

Good Morning!

In business we know we have to learn new skills. Presumably that is why many of you are reading this right now. We try to learn the skills to do the fulfillment of what we offer, or the skills to market them, and so on. But if you grow your business to any scale there are things you are going to have to learn that you just never anticipated.

Some examples for me:

  • Spotting the hundreds of different types of fraud, both financial and otherwise that people try on a nearly daily basis.
  • Difference in culture. I have team members from Serbia, Egypt, India, Estonia, and 4 different U.S. time zones (and I honestly feel I am forgetting someone). I have had to learn a little bit about each of their cultures in order to best work with them and build a good business as well as just give them the respect they deserve.
  • International law. EU and Australian countries for example have much stricter regulation for buying and selling things than does the United States. Adapting to that has been very challenging.
  • Management. I never set out to be a leader or a manger but I have ended up being one and that has been a learn as you grow process.

That’s just off the top of my head, I am sure there are others. The point is that you have to be flexible and adapt to the needs of your business; and while you should hire people as needed as opposed to learning things yourself, you are still going to have to keep putting more clubs in your bag from time to time.

I’d love to hear about some things you have had to pick up that you never expected as well. Let me know in the Profiit Academy Daily Facebook group