Do The Right Thing

Good Morning!

Legiit is an interesting business model. In most businesses you are either the customer or the provider. When you go to a restaurant you are buying some food and they are selling some. Its not more complicated than that. With Legiit it is different… we are sort of the middle man between the vendor and the customer, and thus have to try and balance the interests of both. This gets tricky.

For example, yesterday we had a situation where a freelancer was upset that a customer was able to leave a review and also file a dispute. They didn’t think you should be able to do both. ALSO yesterday we had a case where a customer was upset that they couldn’t leave a review after filing a dispute. The think you should be able to do both. You see the dilemma this creates right?

This is only one example of a time when we have a situation where no matter what choice we make, 50% of people will be upset… it is further complicated by the fact that both have a valid position. This is what it must be like to be a politician; whenever you take a position on certain issues, you instantly lose 50% of people that care about that issue. So the only solution I have found is to take the emotion out of it, and not let who will or will not be upset be a factor and just look at all the available information, consult with some other knowledgeable people, and make the best decision you can. It reminds me of another time in my previous career in politics.

There was a past piece of legislation (years old) the candidate I was working for had voted in support of that had ended up having some unpredictable and unfortunate consequences. The candidate handled it by saying something to the effect of what I just said “I wouldn’t have made that same decision today… but at the time with the information and data I had available to me, it was the right choice and I stand by it.”

(As is often the case in politics, honesty was rewarded with a loss… but that is a whole other discussion)

So while the decision myself and my team make often upset people on Legiit, and while I don’t LIKE that people are upset, I don’t let it affect the choices we make, we just make the best decision we can, reflect on it later and keep improving. If you start letting the loudest voice in the room influence your choices, you will end up making poor decisions and they won’t appreciate it anyway. So in every situation just look at all the information you have, consider all the angles, and do what is best for you, your customer, and any other stakeholders involved. You will be rewarded in the long term, and you will be able to sleep at night knowing that you did everything you possibly could to the best of your ability.