I can’t stand the way my mom drives!

I can't stand the way my mom drives!

Good Evening!

So the subject line says it all… the way my mom drives terrifies me. She drives slow, uses the break too much, let’s other people go instead of going herself, doesn’t pass people to be in the front and on and on. But you know what? In 46 years of driving (despite her claiming to only be 29) she has never been in a wreck. Not once.

I drive totally differently. I always want to be at the front of traffic, I only break when I am stopping, I am aggressive (bot not reckless) in passing people and I stay 5-8mph over the speed limit. But you know what? In 25 years of driving I have never been in a wreck. Not once.

“That’s great Chris… what’s this got to do with business?” you ask?
A lot actually.

I can't stand the way my mom drives!

You see I often get asked which works better white hat or black hat? Or “Should I do Facebook ads or SEO?” And so on. As if there is one and only one way to be successful at something. I also get “If SEO is so great why do you need to advertise on Facebook?” on my FB ads a lot… which is comical (and honestly a huge trigger for me haha). Another example is Superstar SEO Academy. We have 3 SEO coaches in the Academy, and while we have the same core principles, we do, and teach things differently. This is confusing to students sometimes and has even lead some of them to say we aren’t contradicting ourselves or are inconsistent. The truth is, if you marry yourself to any one strategy, technique, view point, political party, philosophy, or anything else you will vastly limit the avenues you have to success.

Don’t attach yourself to any one strong opinion or strategy. Evaluate each thing on its own merits, and see if you can apply it to improve your self, your business, your Profiit and the world.