Good Evening,

In the past I have talked about organization, setting priorities, and focusing on money making tasks. The things is… nothing in business is static, and nothing is ever done or perfect, it always requires tweaking. Lately I have found that my days are being consumed by tasks that don’t generate income or grow the business. That’s not to say they aren’t important or don’t need to be done. But right now I am the main person responsible for growing both businesses so that has to change and there are only 2 ways that can happen:

  • Remove the non income generating tasks from my plate by cutting them or handing off to a staff member
  • Bringing on someone else to help grow the companies.

Bringing someone else on is something I will investigate but our business model is tough to explain to people so it will be very challenging to find a good fit.

So that leaves us with option #1

This is a work in progress that I only decided today to lay the hammer down on and make some changes… but a big part of the Profiit Academy Daily is getting to see what I do from day to day in “real time” so I will let you know how it evolves. So far I had a member of my team (basically my assistant, but I don’t like that term) go through and block aside everything that I need to do every day into income and non income generating activities. Then take them and put them into hour or so long blocks (depending on the task). While that tasks hour is going on nothing else can be done or looked at.

This in theory should help minimize some of the wasted time. and allow me to focus more on what matters. My suspicion is that it will not be enough. But its a start. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the Profiit Academy Daily Facebook Group