Warm Traffic

Good Evening!

We are going to talk about warm traffic. This is probably the shortest of the 3 since this is the part requiring the least focus. In the previous dispatch we talked about cold traffic, what it was, how to target it and so on. Warm traffic is the next step up the traffic ladder. Warm traffic is someone that has now been exposed to you and what you offer. They may have even spent a very small amount with you (Digital Marketer is excellent at small “trip wire” offers like that). At this point they are “warming” to the idea of becoming a customer of yours. This is where you can make a $67 – $1997 offer to them, though you will need a strong sales angle.

In the IM niche this is where I get them on a webinar, explain what I offer, and how it can benefit them, solve their problem, or change their life. You can get a bit more technical here. Like you might be able to talk about Google ranking a bit… but you don’t want to get into things like backlinks, or schema etc.. They are still basically a beginner, but want to take the next step. For targeting here I prefer to rely on retargetting but you can also use broad industry terms.

I have had a great deal of success using Ryan Deis and Frank Kern as interest groups for example. The goal here is to get them used to giving you money, and used to your style of presentation and product. You are trying to turn them into high dollar lifetime or “hot” traffic that will buy whatever you put in front of them, but for now they aren’t quite ready to take that big a plunge. This phase requires the least interaction from you, your focus should be to bring in more cold leads, and convert the hot ones… the process will kinda drag along the warm leads that can become hot, and remove the ones that can’t.

Please let me know if you have any questions.