Baby Its Cold Outside

Good Evening,

In the Profiit Academy Daily Facebook Group I talked about the different types of traffic; cold, warm, and hot. I felt like I stumbled over my words a bit so I am going to talk more about each in the coming days.

First up:


Cold traffic is not only traffic that has never heard of YOU they may not be aware of what you do at all. For example in the IM or MMO space that I am in my product has been mostly SEO related at least in the past. Someone that is cold may have no clue what SEO even is. So you need to adjust your content, targeting, and initial point of contact with that in mind. Consider this… what headline (we will talk about headlines more in the future) do you think will grab the attention of someone that is completely cold?

“How I make $100 a day working form home in my spare time with no technical skills or experience”


“How I ranked my affiliate marketing WordPress site #1 in Google and now sell $100 a day of clickbank products”

Its likely going to be the first one. Its sexy, makes a bold promise, takes away several objections (“I don’t have time”, “I don’t have experience”, “I don’t know how”) and doesn’t use any kind of jargon or insider term. The other one is still not terrible… but it uses stuff like “ranked”, “affiliate marketing”, “WordPress”, “clickbank” and so on. Someone who has never heard of SEO and is just being warmed up to the idea of making money online is not going to respond to that at all whereas the first one they might be intrigued.

The other thing to consider is targeting assuming you are doing paid ads. People have a tendency towards trying to target too narrowly for paid traffic. This is the exact opposite of how you want to do this.

/What I do is pick one and only one BIG interest or audience.

So in the above example you might not use any targeting at all. Or might do the keyword “money” or target some of the lower middle class demographics on Facebook etc… but keep the audience massive and let the algorithm do its work. You need to then begin an indoctrination series of very basic free content delivered too them on a regular basis to warm them up to you, what you sell, and the concept of what you are selling them. This can take a while, but it is important to go on a few dates with them before you ask them to go steady.

The whole idea of cold traffic is to build a massive bubble of people. Think of it like shrimp fishing. You cast a GIANT net off the boat to catch as much as you can, you bring them on to the boat then you sort through them until you find the ones that are good enough to sell or eat. (I have never been shrimping but I think that analogy works).

Those are the main things to consider for cold traffic. Broad targetting, simple message, gradually give them stuff to make them like you and what you do. Next time we will talk about warm traffic.

Let me know if you have any questions.