Pay It Forward

Good Evening,

We will get back to traffic temperatures tomorrow but today I want to talk about an important concept…

…paying it forward.

We all know there is a lot going on in the world right now. Lots of people are dealing with a lot… both physically, financially or both. I can’t help anyone with the health/physical side unfortunately. But I can help with the financial side.

So after being inspired by my Jim, my partner in Legiit I decided to offer some totally free marketing services to my local community. Whatever they need basically. SEO, Email, Social Media etc… anything that doesn’t give me any hard costs basically. There is no Profiit goal for me here. If it never leads to anything I am ok with that. Having said that… I have found that putting things like this out there almost always leads to returns. I know its kind of woo woo, The Secret Law Of Attraction etc… but it has proven true in my life over and over. Further if there is one thing I have been consistently unhappy with in my business its that I haven’t been able to work with more businesses in my home town/area… and now they will likely need it more than ever.

So I did a couple things:

  • Created a localized Facebook ad (I will screenshot what I made in the FB group)
  • Setup an offer though my local chamber of commerce (I didn’t know that was even a thing! Going to use it in the future)
  • Going to send out messages to the meetup groups I own
  • Going to place an offer on my Google business

And probably anything else I can think of to get the message out in a non offensive way, that I want to help out. I think when times are bad we really need to learn to rely on one another to get through.

We all know how to do something or offer something that might just make someone else’s burden a little bit easier. So try and find it in yourself to give back to your community, locally or online until things return to normal… or longer.