Hot Traffic

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On to today’s topic.

Recently we have been talking about the different types of traffic, Cold, Warm, and today hot.

Hot traffic is your ideal customer

They have gone through all your free content, bought your tripwire, and medium sized offers, open all your emails, read all your posts, and go out and tell others about how awesome you are. These are the people you need to treat like gold. These are the people that pay your bills. These are the people that will buy most anything you put in front of them. These are the people you present your highest ticket offers to. They are also a good way to test new products, services, and offers. If you create a new product or services, or marketing angle test it on these people first. If you do and it doesn’t convert then you know it definitely won’t convert for cold, or warm traffic. To continue the illustration using my own business.

First a quick recap (read the linked posts on warm and hot traffic)

At the cold level I use broad targeting like “money” and use a super simple to understand lead magnet like an eBook or mini video course that appeals to someone that has never heard of me or what I do before. Warm traffic is when the above people have been gotten to know me and what I do. They may have even bought a low dollar offer in the $7 – $97 range for me this is something like Superstar SEO Academy. If they like the product or service and continue to consume my content they may evolve up to the hot traffic level. For me hot traffic is someone that has done most or all of the above, and goes out and tells everyone else to buy our products and services and basically becomes a brand ambassador for me. These are also the people that join my $5,000 one on one coaching program.

There is nothing too fancy required to target these folks once you have identified them. Just send them an email, chat broadcast, or a retargetting ad. By this point you should have all their data and not have to work too hard to convert them.

So that’s pretty much it those are the 3 types of traffic and how you use them. The example I used was an IM/MMO business but it can be literally anything online.

If you have any questions about how you can apply this in your business, or how any of it works, or really anything at all you can ask in the Facebook group or just reply to this email.