Getting Cold Traffic To Register

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So we have talked about the 3 types of traffic and how they work so now lets talk about the different types of offers for each level starting with cold traffic. Cold traffic you will recall is traffic that has not only no idea who you are, but is not all familiar with what you do. You will want to keep that in mind in structuring an offer that will bring them into your bubble. You need something VERY broad without any kind of jargon that is super simple to understand. It can be something as simple as a blog post on a topic.

For example:

“4 Simple Tips To Get Your Boston Terrier To Behave Better”

(Editors note: My grandmother loved Boston Terriers so they are always my dog of choice in examples)


“My Secret Recipe For Vegan Lasagna”


“4 Ways You Can Start Making Money From Home Today Even If You Don’t Have Any Experience”

And so on.

The same principle applies to a .pdf

Just write out a blog post and save it as a .pdf. This is my personal favorite and the ones that has worked best for me. Here are a couple examples of my ads like this (those these are a bit more towards warm traffic you should get the idea)

SEO For Business Owners

How To Rank In Google Maps

Another option is to do a small video course but it has to be very short and basic.

The other thing you need to consider is how simple you can make the experience. If you look at the landing page for both of those ads it is SO simple that anyone can figure out what to do. They push the button, they get what they asked for. It has to be that simple or its not going to work, they will lose interest and you won’t get them into your bubble.

That pretty much covers it so let’s summarize.

  • Super Broad, easy to understand free offer that a total n00b can understand
  • Something they can quickly consume but still get some value from
  • Landing page so simple that anyone can use it

This is probably the hardest part of online marketing but it is also the most crucial part because this is how you keep growing your list/audience. What kind of lead magnets can you offer to a cold audience for your business? Let me know in the Profiit Academy Daily Facebook Group

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