Warm Traffic Offers

Good Evening,

We talked about what to offer cold traffic now we can talk about warm. Warm traffic you will recall is traffic that started cold but you have “warmed” up with your freebies and content. Its at this point you have gotten to know them… but you now need to ask them on a date before you end up in the friend zone. (Sorry if that analogy is offensive)

You need to get them to start thinking of you as someone they can buy from. It needs to be something useful that is an extension of the freebie you hooked them with and the content you have been providing them. Generally something in the $17 – $97 range but can be more depending on the niche.

For example at this level in my business I have Superstar SEO Academy which is a $67 a month and is a very valuable training that can really help people out… but its also not so expensive that it has a price barrier to entry. You can actually make a lot of money at this phase if you structure your product the right way. Its imperative that your produce a good product that really solves the customers problem. Not only because it is the right thing to do, but if you are ever going to graduate them up to hot traffic it is going to be based on their experience here. It will almost certainly be an info product at this phase but there are of course other options. depending upon your niche.

What is something you can offer to warm traffic? Let me know in the Profiit Academy Facebook Group.