Good Evening,

We will finish off our series on offers with the hot traffic offers tomorrow. But for today I want to talk about perspective.

There are a lot of things going on in the world right now that… kinda suck. No other way to really put it. Having said that there is a lot or opportunity here. I don’t mean the “There will be winners and losers in this thing!” etc… that a lot of business people, including me have said. I mean a chance to appreciate some things we might normally take for granted, or never have discovered otherwise.

For example I haven’t been able to go to the gym. They even closed down the gym in my apartment complex. So I have taken to going for a walk around my neighborhood for exercise. I found some stuff I had no idea was there despite being literal walking distance away. For example there is a dog park that I can literally see from my apartment that I didn’t know was there. There is a super small restaurant (closed now of course) right in the middle of a residential area that looks very quaint that I can’t wait to check out.

Also consider how fortunate we are to have the internet during all of this… quick access to information, ability to check in with people easily, entertainment with Netflix etc… and of course… MEMES 😀

Had this happened in 1994 or earlier it would have been a lot harder to get through.  My point is things are bad now, but there are positive things we can find if we look hard enough.

Perspective is important.

A friend of mine was telling me yesterday how he was on cloud 9 because he found he just has the regular flu and not the virus. Like he was overjoyed… to have the flu. THAT is an example of perspective.

I know times are tough. I am not denying that, and I don’t really know all the answers on how to handle it, but I can tell you if you can find a perspective that is beneficial to you and your business that you will have a much better chance of coming out of this unscathed.

Look at everything in your life and get some perspective on how it could be worse or at least how you can make lemons into lemonade.