Hot Traffic Offers

Good Evening,

We conclude our series with hot traffic offers.

Hot traffic you will recall are people that open all your emails, watch all your videos, but all your cold and warm products, and tell everyone else about how great you and your offers are. This will sadly be the smallest pool of traffic, but it will be the most profitable. You need to have a very high ticket offer to present to people like this.

For example I have a $5,000 a year 1-on-1 mentorship program where I work directly with someone to scale their business, whatever that may be. I also plan on developing an elite level mastermind of about 20 people like this. If you are an agency these are the people you can setup a full stack digital marketing campaign for… lead gen, SEO, email etc… If you are in something a little more niche like dog training maybe you come to them and personally train their dog (or something… idk that niche and probably should have picked a better example). This could also be speaking engagements. Some people make a VERY good living selling speaking (well until recently).

My point is this.

this is the very top of the “value ladder” as Russell Brunson calls it. Treat these people like they are your family, and they will pay for the rest of your life. That concludes this part of the audience/online business building series. I am not sure where we will go next with this series but I am open to suggestions.