Story Time…

Good Evening,

Opening one email made me millions of dollars, allowed me to live on my terms and changed my life forever. In 2013 I was fresh off a divorce that had left me in financial ruin.
I was working in a miserable tech support job. I was over qualified and making far below the national average even for that position. I had 10s of thousands of dollars in credit card debt. 6 figures in student loan debt, no chance of promotion or finding a better job, and no prospects for the future. I was miserable, and the worst part was…

…it was all my fault.

I had let this happen and I knew that but I didn’t know how to fix the mistakes I had made. I knew there had to be a way out. I didn’t want to get a second job and its doubtful I could have found one that would have put a dent in what I owed. One day I was sitting at my desk, bored to tears. After I reset someone’s password for the 100th time (how do you forget your dog’s name with 2 numbers after it?)

I remembered something I had read a year prior. A post from a former WWE recapper (yeah, that’s a thing)

It was about how he had quit his IT job and was now doing something called affiliate marketing full time. You can see why this intrigued me me. So instead of focusing on my day job I spent most of the day researching what affiliate marketing was and finally after a long time of searching…

…I was still nowhere. The only money I made was from these sites where you got paid fractions of a penny for viewing ads. I literally made $30 after dozens of hours wasted on this…

…but believe it or not that got me hooked and convinced that this “Make Money Online” thing could happen. I kept nibbling at the edges, reading Warrior Forum and Blackhat world for ways to make money.

I tired all sorts of different stuff

  • Flipping Amazon products on eBay
  • Running Facebook ads to affiliate offers
  • and all sorts of other garbage that never went much of anywhere.

Then one day I stumbled on a post of the Warrior Forum. The guy that wrote it had once been successful making money online. He had lost it all, but regrouped and was killing it again. The story he told was very intriguing and captivating… and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. He was selling a course that was a $7 1 week trial then $67 one time. I went for the trial because I couldn’t afford $67 until that Friday. The course was called Bring The Fresh and the instructor’s name was Kelly Felix (formerly of The Rich Jerk program) and it was about doing affiliate marketing through SEO and I didn’t know it at the time but everything was about to change for me…

>>> To Be Continued <<<

This is a great example of the single most powerful of sales and copywriting… story telling. We will break down the different elements in the coming dispatches… but the thing to note here is that I am not talking about a product or a service, I am just telling a story, tugging at emotions, and engaging the audience in a way that should appeal to them, then, I leave them wanting more.

Please let me know if you have any questions.