Small Words, Big Differences

Good Morning!

This is a meme (and a pretty funny one)

But there’s also an important marketing/sales lesson here… words matter.

One of Your jobs as a sales or marketing professional (which is what we all are to some degree) is to remove as many barriers and as much friction as possible for your customer to make it as easy as possible for them to say “yes” to the sale. Something as simple as word choice can make a big difference.

Take this meme for example… imagine if the can said “Good For Wasps!”… there going to be people out there that think it is Legiit good for wasps and buy some other brand all because of that word choice.

Review your content, copy, and scripts and see if your word choices are as unbelievably simple as they can be… then ask someone else that has no idea what you do you read it and see if they get what you want them to do. You might be surprised… and this sort of testing can make all the difference in sales. Going to be talking a bit more about copy and influencing in the next bit.

Let me know if you have any questions.