Social Selling Part… 3?

Good Evening,

I have done a few dispatches in recent weeks about social selling. Here is another method I have had a good deal of success with recently.
(Some people reading this are also some of the people in the technique, please forgive me for using you as an example :-p)
Its actually very straight forward.

Take a success story you’ve had…
…it can be anything.

In MMO/IM for example

  • Ranking success
  • Successful lead gen campaign/profitable ad
  • Client signed
  • Student success


In other niches

  • X pounds/kilos lost
  • Y pounds benched

And so on, I think you get the idea. For me I have been using it to generate 1-on-1 consulting calls.

You can check out this post for an example

Literally just a screenshot of the review I got, some kind words, congrats to the client, and a link to the service. I have done this 3 times in the last week… and generated 10 new consulting calls. All from the few seconds it takes to do a screencap and make a post.

Now obviously you also have to have a good product/service but I hope that goes without saying… in fact your offer should be SO good that just making a Facebook post generates you business. It also requires building up a friends list of people that will respond to the type of offer you have (which is why you should optimize your profile for business, and get to 5k friends as fast as possible). So let’s see some of you start sharing your success stories (if nothing else its nice to celebrate success) and turn that into some Profiit.

If you have questions please let me know.