Keyword Patterns

Good Afternoon!

Happy Sunday everyone! You may noticed that in my daily livestreams for the last week or so I have been using Freelancing vs. X as my title. That is because I identified this as a keyword pattern that I would like to dominate. This is something I have done in affiliate marketing for quite some time and it gives you a way to find some really easy to pick off keywords that have low competition and high user intent. This is a technique I learned from Alex Gould that I have twisted to my own uses.

This is a site where you can see it in action

The trick is, and maybe this would be better served with a video so I will do that in another dispatch, but to find a top level keyword, then a pattern that can be built off of it. For example on this site the top level keyword was:

“How To Lose FUPA” but that was pretty competitive.

So I expanded that out to “How To Lose FUPA After Pregnancy”

Then I found the pattern “How To Lose FUPA Without Exercise” “How To Lose FUPA for men” and so on.

What this does is build up so 0-100 search per month terms that other SEO ignore because they think they have no value (indeed I bet some of you reading this are thinking that right now) so they are easy to pick off. These have high buyer intent as well… “How to lose FUPA After Pregnancy” is someone with a very specific pain point that is looking to solve a problem. So you can suck up that traffic and start to rank for it and sell them some affiliate products (I don’t have this monetized or designed well right now because I have shown it publicly). The trick to finding the pattern is to let Google do the work for you with its “People also searched for” terms. I will show that in a video dispatch.

For now see if you can come up with some keyword patterns for your sites, this is a great way to help serve traffic that needs a solution, and that other SEOs are ignoring.