Its what you do in the dark…

Good… morning?

There was an amazing commercial from Under Armor that came out during the 2016 about Michael Phelps.

I suggest you check it out

(Also worth checking out are his and his then fiance’s reaction to it)

The gist of it is… you don’t see most of the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice that goes into achieving something. For example we have been having some major technical difficulties with Legiit for the last 4 hours or so that have been extremely challenging from a technical standpoint, emotional standpoint, and the fact that it is the middle of the night and so on. Not to mention that these things are mostly out of our control for the time being (though thankfully we are fortunate enough to have Jim and his amazing team working tirelessly to get the issues sorted)

It hard, its stressful and depressing, its not sexy and its definitely not the side of business they show you on Instagram and YouTube. But its what it takes. Its the hard work, dedication and sacrifice that is required if you want to do something that leaves an impression on the world. In college you work hard all semester if you want to succeed… and then you take a final. If you don’t pass the final none of the work matters. When these moments in time come up you can either give in and give up, or you can keep doing what it takes to win. Like Michael Phelps in those commercials, I choose to win. I choose to put in the work and do what I have to do in the dark, to put myself in the light.

I hope you do too.