Over Deliver

Good Evening,

You should always over deliver in everything you do. If you do more than you are paid for, eventually you will be paid more for what you do.

(That’s not an original quote but I forget the source.)

If you sell SEO, do some social media or web design too

If you work out 3 times a week, work out for another hour, or 4 times a week, or both.

Spend an extra hour with your spouse or children.

If you work 9-5… work 8-6 instead.

Give your customers, clients, family, friends, and everybody more than the minimum requirements they expect from you. If you always do more than what is expected of you, you will eventually get more in return, you will just summon success to you. Once you start doing this… then just do a lot of stuff. The compound effect of a lot + over delivering with attract success to you in a way that other people will find bewildering. They will think you are cheating, or that you have some sort of secret that only you are privy to…

..but the only difference is that you are willing to do more.

More than the requirements.

More than they are willing to do.

More than any sane or regular person will do.

More than just getting by.

You are willing to over deliver…

…and that’s why you will win.


Over Deliver