McRib Marketing

Good Evening!

The McRib.

This is a rib sandwich that McDonald’s sells about 2x a year. It has its own weird sub culture of people that obsess over it, and when they have it sells extremely well. In the past, when they tried having it full time they found the demand dropped dramatically. Isn’t that interesting? Why does it sell better when it is limited? Scarcity! The only way anyone ever sells anything is if the pain of not buying it becomes greater than the pain of buying it. Your job in sales is to identify pain point and show why your solution is less painful than what the prospect is doing now. One tool that increases the pain of not buying is removing the option to buy altogether.

McDonalds realized this with the McRib and has leveraged it for decades. I also use it with Superstar SEO Academy. The biggest upswings in new members since we launched have been the two times we have stopped offering the monthly payment option. Another weird effect of this, is that it ALSO increases sales of the lifetime option. Scarcity is one of the biggest clubs you have in your bag for making sales. Use it.

Talk tome about your business and how you can leverage McRib marketing to make more sales. Look forward to hearing it.