Good Evening.

Amazon today greatly slashed the amount of commission their affiliates get across numerous niches.

Check out the announcement here.

This is going to absolutely WRECK some of my affiliate marketer friends who rely on Amazon alone to make their income.

Situations like this is why I

  • Don’t recommend affiliate marketing as a primary business model (since you are sending customers to someone else’s business)
  • Never put all my income eggs in a single basket and diversify.

Now to be clear I am not saying you need 17 streams of income like Tai Lopez… but you also shouldn’t be at the mercy of one company flipping a switch and ruining your lifestyle. That’s why I have a platform, and sell training, and consulting, services, affiliate, client etc… they all tie into one business, but they are spread out and less vulnerable to someone just deciding to pay me less. Having so much income come form one place makes it not much different than having a job if you think about it. Take a look around your business, could someone just decide tomorrow that you make less money and there would be nothing you could do about it? If so its time to pick up a new income stream and traffic source or two.

If that is you, let me know in the Profiit Academy Facebook group and let’s figure out how to help you diversify.