Sales vs. Fulfillment

Good Evening!

Happy Easter to those of you that celebrate it! I have been relatively quiet the last 2 days. That’s because I have had my head down working on fulfillment for a couple of new clients I scooped recently. A weird thing I have found is part of me feeling like I am wasting time doing this, that I should be focusing on sales and marketing since that is what pays the bills. And while that is true, and you have likely heard me say things to that effect in the past… fulfillment is really an income generating task as well, its even a form of marketing.

When someone hires you to do something they are doing it with the understanding that you will do whatever it is they have hired you to do and do it well. That’s the bare minimum you should be doing for people. Your goal should really be to knock it out of the f***ing park for them. To massively over deliver. This will turn them into your own personal sales and marketing team. They will be so thrilled with the work you did that they will be pumped to go out and tell everyone how great you are and what a great job you do. So while its true, your main job is to close more deals and make more sales… don’t forget to take the time to do a great job for people too.

It will benefit you and them… and it has the added advantage of being the right thing to do. So go out there, make some sales, close some deals, do a great job, and make some Profiit!