Are you better than me?

Good Evening!

I am pretty sure we have talked in past dispatches about knowing your strengths and weaknesses and when to let someone else handle things you aren’t good at.

I KNOW I have talked about the importance of Email marketing.

Well today we are going to create a MASH UP

See for the longest time I did 100% of the email marketing for Legiit myself. Then eventually I created a template and handed it off to my assistant to do every week. And it has gone ok. We do the weekly round up and a few other odd emails and it helps a lot. But I knew it could be a lot better… but we reached the peak of my skill at it, and while learning new things is important, there are only so many hours in the day, and so much room in your mental hard drive. So we found someone else; someone who is far more skilled than I. Someone who had managed email marketing automation for Dan Lok among others…

…and he is crushing it!

He started our first campaign this week highlighting a few freelancers as a test. The results have been phenomenal… and this is just the start. I have seen some of the stuff he has lined up for us, and it is going to be huge. And none of this would have ever happened had I stuck to the one man gang mentality, or even the freelancer mentality, or the DIY that is just my nature. We identified a whole in our game and we went out and got someone that could fill that hole better than we ever could. I know this will be tough for many of you… but look around your business.

What do you do very well?

What are you “meh” at?

What do you flat out suck at and hate doing?

Work your way backwards through those 3 phases… that is what you need to hire talented people to do for you first… do it as soon as possible, the potential Profiit is too much to ignore.