Strengths vs. Weaknesses

Strengths vs. Weaknesses

Good Evening,

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses, and those of your team is super important to making any kind of Profiit. But understanding what to do with them once you’ve identified them is nearly as important.

Using myself as an example


  • Community building and engagement
  • Devising marketing strategies
  • Getting the most out of team members
  • Interviewing people and filling uncomfortable silences
  • Doing boring, repetitive tasks until they are done


  • Attention to detail
  • Executing effective marketing strategy
  • Photoshop
  • Manipulating numbers
  • Reaching the top shelf (I’m short LOL)

What most people would do after making a list like this is try to improve on the weaknesses by practicing, training, or otherwise working on them. And that’s the wrong approach. What you want to do is damage control… get your weaknesses to a point that they aren’t show stoppers for you.

Strengths vs. Weaknesses

For example I can remove the background of an image pretty well now and make some basic edits. That saves me the time of having to try to get someone else to do it, but if I need something more complex, I get someone skilled to do it.

You see in most cases, you are never going to make a weakness into a strength, that’s just not how our brains work. You can become competent or even skilled, but you will not ever be as good as someone with a natural affinity, so it doesn’t make sense to spend time maximizing your weaknesses and ignoring your strengths. Instead what you want to do is go all in on your strengths and get the absolute most out of them. I am very good at community building… so I spend my time growing communities and in turn leveraging them to whatever ends make sense (sales, helping people, whatever it is) and that more than anything has lead to the success I have have had in the last few years. I am also good at getting people that work on my team to their full potential. So I spend my time working with them and getting to know them so their output is as high as possible and they are as fulfilled as possible which is good for the company.

Look at it this way… Cal Ripken was one of the best shortstops of all time… would he have been served by practicing in center field? No. He worked on his shortstop skills and hitting. So what are your strengths and weaknesses and how are you maximizing strengths and mitigating weaknesses?

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