SEO is like dating…

SEO is like dating...

Good Evening,

I am single… I know, I know its tough to believe. 😂😂😂

I date a little, but I honestly kind of hate dating. What I really dislike is all of the unwritten rules. Do I talk first? Do I try to be funny? Serious? Do I seem interested but not too interested? And the most challenging one, at least for me, how long do you wait in between contact? Next day? 3 Days? When do I scale etc… I really hate that and would prefer to just be myself. But these are the things people that date weigh. But the hardest part about this part is that there is no right answer, it is different with every person and situation or you could say…

…it depends.

There is no right number of days or hours, or what to say or anything like that. SEO is much the same way.

(Others forms of marketing are as well, but SEO in particular stands out here)

I often get asked by students and customer things like:

“How many links do I need to rank page #1?”

“How long will it take to see the effect of this?”

“How often can I do this?”

and so on.

SEO is like dating...

And the thing is you can’t answer any of those questions with a large degree of certainty because every site and situation is different…

…and that is why we get to charge people to do it and make a great living from it.

Because we have the skill to look at each situation, evaluate it, and develop the right strategy to get your clients rankings and results. That’s where the real skill of being an SEO professional comes in… being able to take all these variables that (frustratingly) change from situation to situation, develop a plan, and execute it. That’s why I have had success at SEO, and why you can too. Unfortunately (?) I am much better at SEO than I am at dating… but I am working on that too 😂😂😂

Sharpen your skills, be able to analyze every situation, build expertise, and offer it to those who are in need. That’s the way you truly Profiit in life.