New Possibilities

Good Evening,

Most everyone reading this is in some sort of digital marketing business… SEO, ads, affiliate etc… Its also a safe assumption that times are uncertain for everyone here, to varying degrees. You probably got into whatever type of business you are in because its something you want to do. However right now you may have to “pivot” (I swear entrepreneurs are getting paid for this word right now) and offer things you wouldn’t have before, or take on types of clients you normally wouldn’t.

For example I have taken on a few one off jobs for SEO clients recently. I normally don’t because the time ROI isn’t really there for me… but they need the help and you never know what it will lead to in the future. I am also putting together a few different offers and revenue streams for other businesses that I wouldn’t normally have thought of or done.

There is opportunity right now, and you never know what the future will hold, now more than ever. Think about some things that you don’t normally do, or have wanted to do but haven’t, or ways you can build and secure that you wouldn’t have done before. If you think outside the box a little, and consider angles you hadn’t considered before, you may strike gold, or at the least you may end up helping someone that really needs it that you might have otherwise missed.

If you want we can even brainstorm on this some in the Profiit Academy Daily Facebook Group.