Increase Conversions In 24 Hours With This One Simple Change…

Good Evening,

In yesterday’s dispatch I talked about a simple change we made to the home page on Legiit based on some data from our heatmap software (HotJar in case you were wondering) telling us that most people only made it to a certain spot on the fold. Well its only one days worth of data… but the results so far have been… stunning. We went from 10% of people on the site seeing the top row to… 76% of people seeing the top row. A 66% increase. Over night. Hopefully I don’t have to explain what a game change that is.

Tomorrow we are going to push live some new changes to take further advantage of that, I will keep you posted on how it goes. So how can you put this to work in your business?

Let’s examine some use cases. The obvious ones are eCommerce and affiliate marketing sites. Install the software. Let it collect data for a while, see where people are going on your site, and adjust it to guide them where you want them to go. If it adds 2% conversion it pays for itself. Especially in eCommerce. What if you run an agency? This is a PERFECT foot in the door offer.

“Hello Mr. Prospect. What if I told you that if you give me 2 weeks I can make some simple changes on your site, based on data, that will potentially increase your sales by X%? Oh and I will do it for free as long as you promise that if I deliver, we can talk about getting you some more traffic to your new highly converting website. You have literally nothing to lose. Sound good?”

See how easy that is? It works especially well right now because being able to increase conversions for someone without a big up front investment is a huge win. I hope some of you will find a way to incorporate that into your business and leverage it to your advantage.

Please let me know if you have any questions.