My Identity Was Stolen 😢

Good Afternoon,

Someone stole my identity!

I was looking at my credit card statement and found that there were charges for:

  • Tickets to plays
  • Designer clothes
  • $300 worth of art supplies
  • Horseback Rides
  • College Classes
  • And tap dancing lessons

As I was looking at this list I realized that this person not only stole my card, but they were living my life… and doing it better than me. I spend most of my “spare time” at home reading or just chilling… but fake me is out there “living his best life” as the kids say and I am just sitting here aimlessly scrolling Facebook…

…ok so none of that really happened to me, it was actually an episode of Friends where it happened to Monica.

But it made me think… if someone else were to look at your credit card statement (or some other evidence of what you do)… would they be envious? Bored? Confused?We only get one crack at life. And while I am not an advocate of the laptop lifestyle, travel, passive income no responsibilities movement… I do think we should try to get as much marrow from the bone of life as we possibly can. Take a look at your credit card statement (whether literally or figuratively) are you living as much as you can? Or are you letting opportunity and experience pass you by? If you can’t say yes… think about something you can do to get more out of it… nothing worse than looking back and realizing you could have done or experienced more.